Bobines d'allumage - Moto

Small ignition coils, suitable for use on motorcycles. Aluminium cans, 40mm diameter x 92mm tall. Total height 131mm including HT connection.  Low tension connection via M4 studs. (Stud marked '15' is supply, stud marked '1' goes to points).  HT cable connects by screwing into coil and is sealed by scew-on cap and seal. Supplied with mounting bracket.

Available in either 12V or 6V. 12V coil has a primary resistance of 3.5 Ohms, 6V coil - 1.5 Ohms.

060720 12V Bobbine Moto
€26.75 chacun
060721 6V Bobbine Moto
€26.75 chacun